Hello, and thank you for taking the time to visit my web site!

I began taking photos when I was in my early teens and was never without my dad's Leica or my Nikon when I was backpacking, hiking or camping. I'd also occasionally photograph weddings for friends, but not as the official "Wedding Photographer", but as the roaming photog looking for interesting candid shots of family members and friends.

Then as I began architectural school, I found it invaluable to see buildings in different ways through the camera, helping me understand and develop a more acute sensitivity to color, scale, proportion, line, texture, and composition which I've learned are the basics of any good art form. I developed a love of photographing not only entire buildings, but also their individual unique components which many times go unnoticed or overlooked. When you see a window, a door, portions of a building structure, ornament, or detail, and capture it in it's own unique way, it can express the feelings and emotions of the architect or designer and help reveal the underlying design priniciples that helped create the beauty of the building.

I've come to enjoy photography as a means of communication and an expression of emotion.

I hope you agree and find my images as enjoyable as I did in their creation.

Thank you.